A dedicated supply source to U.S. foam fabricators


Adhesive and foam are bonded together through evaluation, processing and application environments. Your supplier must have a solid understanding of each step and the raw materials chosen. As your partner in foam fabrication, J&T will provide unmatched adhesive technical support through our onsite a2La testing laboratory and our on-staff adhesive chemist. Adhesives can be temperamental. Our years of custom adhesive coating and laminating "know-how" ensures you have that extra layer of comfort should an issue arise. We test, suggest, resolve and improve the bond performance between materials and to the clients substrate quickly and effectively.
Our laminating capabilities are extensive, beginning with the 14 different pieces of equipment we operate. Each machine is capable of bonding various materials together through a wide array of techniques. Whether you require an adhesive on one side, both sides or multiple materials bonded together, you can count on J&T to get it right! 

Our lamination techniques include:

  • Flame
  • Direct Heat
  • Flatbed / Belt 
  • Roll to Roll 
  • Wet Coat 
  • Powder Adhesive