A dedicated supply source to U.S. foam fabricators


We hear this a lot from fabricators. J&T offers a range of complimentary processes and production support to our converter partners. No other material supplier understands a fabricator like J&T does.

Our support capabilities include: 

  • Material Buffing - If you require extreme tolerances on a raw material, J&T can modify materials to conform to extreme tolerances on thickness. Widths up to 60" wide. 
  • Level Wound Spooling - We transform laminated materials from a master roll format to trimmed spools of continuous lengths. We offer customized formats on our 9-head spooling unit, including tapered spools.
  • Material Slitting -  J&T can offer trimmed rolls to a specific width or length, wound onto 3" cores. Master material widths up to 75” wide.
  • Material Batching - Applications with multiple layers of material can be pre-batched prior to production. Let us know if you have any tricky applications. We may be able to help save some headaches and costs.

  • Material Testing and Validation - our a2La laboratory is available to our fabricator clients. Visit our Technical Resources section to download a copy of our lab scope and testing capabilities.
  • CAD Design Support - Should you require assistance on drawing creation or manipulation, let us know. Our engineering staff can provide support.